Insightful post! Durability We were utterly shocked at how wonderful it felt even after just having it put on our bed. We will be disposing of it as soon as we can afford to buy a new one. gel memory foam mattress is a great fit for apartments, guest rooms, your room, or kids rooms. Support We picked a medium one and it suits both my wife and I great. Firmness Comfort The name Simmons Beautyrest carries a lot of weight in the mattress industry. And I think rating a 1 is being generous. Generally, innerspring beds tend to have above average ratings because of the bounce action they provide. Comfort Models that have significant memory foam have the most potential to retain heat to an uncomfortable extent. Simmons is a brand that has been in existence for more than 140 years, indicating that it is a name that many customers are very familiar with. The best part? Your posting totally rock. Enjoy your sweet home life thanks to the classic Simmons mattress. We've had this mattress for a little over two years. And we even purchased the level right below the firmest mattress. As for durability, I can see this mattress lasting for quite a while. We tried out a few in the store, but the Simmons comforpedic was the one we kept returning to. I also noticed it seemed to sag right in the middle between me and my husband. Love the mattress and have had it for over 3 years. Recent Complaints 12" Gel Memory Foam. Standard memory foam is routinely praised by mattress owners for being comfortable, but it’s also known to be hot at night. Memory foam mattresses conform to your body's curves which gives you excellent support and comfort.As an added bonus, memory foam mattresses reduce motion transfer from you and your sleep partner to virtually … and my husband who is muscular and weighs 215 lbs was in Afghanistan and Iraq serving our great country at least 40 - 50% of this 19 month period, so no one (not even my dog) slept on his side of the bed. Everyone wants to be cool, but our gel memory foam actually is. Different firmness levels available so anybody should be able to find a mattress to suit them. The mattress conformed to our bodies at night and didn't spring back much at all during the day. We have slept better since purchasing this mattress than in our entire marriage in every other bed we have owed. April 15, 2019 at 7:31 AM. Support It's for hanging out, streaming, scrolling, whatever - so you need a mattress built for living. Plus, it ships in a box. The foam is comfortable at first, but not once the grooves are established. Now, laying in the bed feels like we are in hammocks. Just the right firmness. Simmons’ affordable price point and simple construction make it a great mattress for people on a budget and lightweight sleepers. Firmness But, I am not accepting that and will continue to fight this. It's worth the money to be able to get a well rested night's sleep. Prior to this mattress my wife would wake up with lower back pain and now she does not. If the thought of visiting a Costco store in-person sounds too overwhelming, have no fear––we’ve listed some alternative options below. The Simmons Foam features high-density polyfoam in its support layer.. Mattress Height. I don't hear or feel him get out of bed any longer. Write a Review! MY REVIEW ON THE SIMMONS SLEEP 8" MEMORY FOAM MATRESS #THEINSIDERS #SIMMONSMATTRESS. So, my question is, how could this mattress become so worn out on both sides in such a short span of time? We also recommend taking a look at our Simmons Hybrid mattress review to learn more about a newer Simmons model. I'm wondering with the great warranty on this mattress why so many people have big dips in the mattress after so little time and haven't returned them? I'm still getting use to the bed since it is firmer then what I thought if would be. Based on construction analysis and customer feedbacks, we have made a recommendation for customers according to your size and the position you prefer to sleep in. We decided to invest in a new bed so it was important to us to find a quality mattress. The table below lists the details of some of the models of Simmons mattress in price, type, thickness, and firmness. Look of the mattress is very stylish and modern/, This mattress lasted one year, at which point we could no longer sleep on it. For example, Simmons has something called “MicroDiamond Memory Foam,” which is supposed to draw heat away from the surface of the mattress. This Simmons 8 Memory Foam Medium Queen Mattress is amazing. They hold 85 different patents on design innovations that others seek to emulate. Perfect support, my body feels rested waking up. We are here presenting you with more details that may give you a better understanding of the brand. Both of our backs are sore every morning. Simmons mattress suffers from severe sagging problems that may undermine the comfort and support of it. The entry-level models start from as low as $350, while the most luxurious … About this Sleeper: Neal Posted on: April 23, 2019 From: Highland, NY Female Side Under 25 100-150 lbs Medium Beautyrest 12" Gel Memory Foam Owned for: 7 years Condition: Moderately worn “ Mattress has a speed bump in it. We slept great and couldn't have been happier with our HUGE investment. My husband tends to like a softer mattress so we were concerned that this may not be a good match for him. Beautyrest models are effective in isolating movement made by one person so that the partner is not much disturbed when lying on the bed. I hate this mattress as I wake up in the middle of the night with back pain. PS I also would suggest the Simmons memory foam pillows also, very comfortable. As you can see, there are plenty of high-quality memory foam mattress brands on the market today. I am writing this not because I'm angry, but because I truly want to warn people what could happen over time with a foam mattress. It was very "scientific" (