Flørli is perhaps best known for its world record wooden staircase, with 4,444 steps. During your 2½ hour cruise, you will be delighted by the scenic mountains with waterfalls and abundant wildlife. 1,150 miles of Norway’s rural roads have been upgraded and their facilities improved to ensure that they are especially tourist-friendly. If you want an amazing tour of the Arctic fjords of northern Norway and seafood lunch, this top-rated tour is for you. You can study the timetable and reserve a place on the NSB and Flomskaya railway sites. Sailing from May to August, our Norwegian fjord cruises last anywhere from seven nights to nine nights. A trip on a train along the steep high mountain Flåm Railway is a unique opportunity, being in comfortable conditions, to observe numerous waterfalls and mountain peaks covered with snow caps. The best Norwegian fjord cruise is with Hurtigruten – the experts in fjord voyages. 3 fjords in 3 hours! Next, your guide will lead you on a hike through the wild and rugged countryside. The Oslo fjord. Sometimes pølse are made from reindeer meat. Remember that some inland, northern, and high ground roads are regularly blocked by high snowfall during winter. 100% Reader-Supported. Express buses run between the airport and the Mua bus station, and you need to transfer to the Geiranger at the bus station. The tour includes boating on the fjord, a trip along the famous Flåm Railway. Enjoy a hot beverage and a snack while you watch. If you are looking for a special thrill, you can dare a basejump here. Outside the Arrivals Hall is a taxi rank. The Information Desk is found in the Arrivals Area. The only drawback of such an excursion is that the story about Norway is too short. A tour such as “Sogne Fjord in Miniature” is also very popular. 4. The UNESCO-protected Nærøyfjord: Norway in a nutshell, from Oslo to Flåm & the Nærøyfjord. It’s easiest to see the Northern Lights from September through March, when the nights are at their darkest, but avoid new moons. If you have kids, there are multiple Children’s Play Areas throughout the terminal. It is easy to add a few nights in Oslo to either of these. Enjoy a comfortable and intimate cruise in an open boat with seating for only 12 passengers. Experience the atmosphere inside a warm and comfortable panoramic lounge or outside from one of our spacious decks, while enjoying a local 3-course dinner from the award-winning Oslo restaurant Einer. If you want complete freedom, and you want to see every nook and cranny Norway has to offer, then hiring a car is your best option. The airport is open 24 hours, and that includes some food outlets. You will see Oslo and its environs from the sea, just like the Vikings once did over a thousand years ago. Don’t miss out on essential train tickets, the better hotel rooms, or specific tours you really want to take. While admiring the beautiful scenery, you can purchase hot and cold drinks from the onboard bar and relax in the nautical ambiance of the ship. Refreshments are available on purchase and are not included in the prize. The fjord is surrounded by mountains up to 1700 meters high, the peaks of which are covered with snow, and numerous waterfalls pour from steep slopes. However, the attractions are often far apart from each other, requiring a long journey between each. The Neroy Fjord is located in the south of Sogn og Fjordan. The Oslo Opera House is an especially famous building in Norway, and it looks spectacular when viewed from Oslofjord in the evening. US$59.10 per adult. First, navigating winding mountain roads, with blind corners, icy conditions, and in the dark is not for everybody. There are also regular coach services between the airport and Oslo city center. Not only do you get to enjoy a 4-hour cruise along the most beautiful fjords in Norway, but you’ll also enjoy a fine meal and can relax in the onboard spa. More info. Sail through the Sognefjord, the longest and deepest fjord in the country, and stop at small coastal villages along the journey. Quick View. You’ll be given plenty of opportunities to take memorable photographs of the local wildlife. You will have the option to remain in Skrova to explore the fishing village and island, enjoy the local food, and visit the photography exhibition, or return to Svolvær with the tour boat. Then fjord cruise on the Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. Sights to see during a Norway cruise. Guaranteed. And to help you do just that, here are 5 tips to help you make the most of your visit. Flight time is about 50 minutes. The Nærøyfjord is a branch of the 204 kilometre long Sognefjord, “the King of the Fjords”.. Tour Summary: Train from Oslo or Bergen via the wild and beautiful Flåm Railway to Flåm by the Aurlandsfjord. Presenting the latest in travel news, popular vacation destinations and travel trends around the world. During the return hike, you’ll get to see a beautiful sunset over the mountains. Similarly, don’t plan to spend every night in a hotel in the Arctic north, because you’ll miss out on the many historical and cultural attractions in the south of the country. Strollers are available for your use, and there are specific Breastfeeding Corners for young babies. In every region, you’ll find electrifying nightclubs in the larger settlements and crowded bars everywhere. This fortress was in military service for 350 years until the end of the Cold War and now serves as a resort island. Discover Oslo's gorgeous Fjords on a trip into a dreamlike landscape. Required fields are marked *. You’ll often find pølse wrapped in bacon and served in a bread bun much like a hotdog. But if you want to sightsee, not so much. The cruise takes you past the many inlets, green islands, and landmarks of Oslofjord, like Hovedøya island, with its ruined monastery, and Dyna Lighthouse. No visit to Norway is complete without at least one fjord cruise. Although the northernmost part of the nation falls within the Arctic Circle, Norway isn’t as cold as you’d expect. Back home, you’ll show your photographs to friends and family, and they’ll all want to go. On this 2-hour boat tour you will get a chance to see the best parts of these idyllic landscapes from the sea, offering a unique viewpoint rarely appreciated in these days of cheap air travel. Perched atop the rocks and swooping through the sky, you’ll see white-tailed sea eagles and seagulls. This is a unique wellness experience, ideal for people who want their experience of the relaxing scenery of the Norwegian fjords to be reinforced by a complete spa experience and a delicious meal. Norway Cruise Itineraries Embark on an unforgettable cruise to Norway aboard Celebrity Silhouette or Celebrity Reflection. The dramatic waterways are a photographer's dream and give the city its lifeblood. In time, the road lasts 5 hours, a ticket can be bought from 400 NOK. Convenient hotels are those close to the attraction you want to visit and the transport hub—airport, train station, or main road. Don’t plan to spend every night of a two-week vacation in Oslo, because you’ll miss out on many natural attractions. From the trailhead, you’ll be driven back to your hotel in Stavanger to complete your adventure. You can take the Flytobussen bus from Stavanger Airport to the city, the journey for an adult is 120 NOK, the journey takes about 30 minutes. The airport designers considered all your possible needs. Required fields are marked *. The Sogne Fjord in Miniature tour is available daily from May 1 to September 30. Best Private Walking Tour of Oslo with a Local Guide. Fjord Cruises and Fjord Safari; Join in on an electric fjord cruise in Oslo and see the city from a different angle! The Oslo fjord, although it is called a fjord, is not such in the geological sense of the word, it is a bay. The roads in Norway aren’t like the roads in other countries. Because this small nation possesses so much coastline with so many fjords, a lot of traditional dishes focus on seafood. If you love picturesque landscapes and nature, you will find a tour that is perfect for you. The airport is 29 miles from Oslo city center, but the train station offers convenient express services into the city that take only 20 minutes with trains every 10 minutes. Boat trips and boat sightseeing in the Oslo Fjord, for groups and individual tourists. It may come in the form of fillets, meatballs, or sausages. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Cruise around the pretty islets of the fjord, and enjoy a snack of shrimps as you go. You can find out the departure schedule and reserve a seat on the Nor-Way Bussekspress website. If you’re lucky, you can see goats that graze along the fjord, and seals basking on the mountainsides near the water. Watch out for the one with a red nose! The Geirangerfjord features peaceful waters, majestic mountains and magnificent waterfalls, including the Seven Sisters and Bridal Veil. Stop at the Taxi Information Desk in the Arrivals Hall first so they can explain the fixed rates. If you’re interested in Norse mythology, you must be curious what a fjord supposedly inhabited by trolls looks like. Longer itineraries give you the chance to see towns like the mountainous Flam or the remote Geiranger. SAS Scandinavian Airlines operates regular services to larger towns throughout the country. 70% of airport passengers utilize public transport rather than hiring a car or jumping in a taxi. A common variety of lutefisk is dried cod cured using a lye solution. While driving from Oslo, on the eastern shore of the bay, you can observe the buildings of the city of Drebak, then there is the Oskarsborg fort. The short answer is…beautiful. It is especially renowned for its fine dining and lively atmosphere. This fjord cruise journey is about 120 km each way and departs from the harbor by the Rutebilstasjonen. $41.31 per adult. Popular: Booked by 756 travellers! Smoked or cured salmon is found in most Norwegian restaurants or hotel buffets. You might see eider ducks, puffins, guillemots, and sea eagles. ... Visit (getyourtour website) for a spectacular mini 2 hour Oslo Fjord. In the summer (from May 1 to September 30), you can go from Stavanger in two ways: Your email address will not be published. The most sought after is cloudberry. Their ships are modern with a twist of Scandinavian décor and all come with excellent facilities. Browse the best tours in Norwegian Fjords with 24 reviews visiting places like Bergen and Oslo. Savor the fresh flavor of fjord shrimps at a dinner buffet, with hot and cold drinks from the bar. Some tours operate in the Arctic north, while others are in the far south in the warmer waters near Oslo. On deck, you’ll find a saltwater hot tub, so you can sit and relax in warm comfort as you watch the Arctic landscape slip by. They are heart-shaped, thinner than Belgian waffles, and are topped with jam or brunost. The airport is only 3.7 miles from European Route E6 to go north or south and 1.2 miles from E16 to go east or west. You’re going to need your camera ready as you pass colorful houses, picturesque islands, and the beautiful hills along the side of the fjord. Learn More About How We Research, Evaluate, And Why You Can Trust Us Here. The 4 places most identified with an active club scene and nightlife are Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø, and Stavanger. It is possible to reach Oslo by ferry from Copenhagen or by train, bus, or car from Stockholm. Find out RATES or book any accommodation using this form, The best Tours and Cruises from Oslo to the Fjords of Norway. Booked by 238 travellers! You’ll often find lefse in cafes and coffee shops. It is possible you will take little risk when booking your tour if you can simply cancel it 24 hours before it begins should you change your mind. There the youth of Norway dance until they drop and drink themselves toward Valhalla. Meeting the ferry to Kiel, Germany, on its way out the Oslo fjord. More info. The capital of Norway, the city of Oslo, is located between the Oslo fjord and the spacious, forested hills. You can also take part in various interesting events: fjord safari, trekking in the mountains, kayaking. You can start this tour with train from Oslo or Bergen. Quick Answer: The 7 Best Fjord Tours In Norway For 2019. The south is considered the most beautiful in summer, but the fjords in spring, when melting ice leads to spectacular waterfalls. Because Oslo is the capital, the most populous city, hosts the main university, and is the location of many of the main tourist attractions, most of the nightclubs are found there. Your email address will not be published. In fact, the name “Norway” means “the way north”. From Sogndal to Gudvangen, Nor-Way Bussekspress buses run for 2 hours. 20 restaurants and a range of shops are found throughout the terminal, including a pharmacy for your medical needs and the largest duty-free shop in Europe. 5-Hour Polar Fjord Cruise From Tromsø; Oslo Fjords 3-Hour Evening Buffet Cruise; Fjord Excursion By RIB Boat From Tromsø; Oslo Fjord 2-Hour Sightseeing Cruise; Tromsø Fjord Cruise With 3-Course Dinner; 2-Hour Fjord Cruise & Guided Preikestolen Hike From Stavanger; Lofoten: Trollfjord & Wildlife Cruise The best option for traveling to Lucefjord from Oslo is to get to the city of Stavanger, and then move from there. The free Wi-Fi is accessed by connecting to the “AIRPORT” network and selecting “free” on the login page. Its duration is from 12 hours, if you wish, you can organize an overnight stay in the city located along the route. An informative audio commentary introduces the landscape, wildlife, and local history. On this tiny peninsula in the west of Oslo, you’ll find the most interesting cultural attractions in the city. We also make recommendations on staying in Norway in our guide section. You will enjoy the Flåm Railway, one of Norways most spectacular railways, from Myrdal Station down to Flåm and the Aurlandsfjord. The trip can be planned with a return to Oslo or only one way, for example, to Bergen or Voss. Book your slots now with the oslo fjord sightseeing cruise. Tromsø is the largest Norwegian town within the Arctic Circle. And along the shore, you could see reindeer. This spectacular fjord is a branch of the majestic Storfjord, which cuts in from the Atlantic sea just south of the Art Nouveau town of Alesund.. To the west, Bergen boasts a buzzing nightlife. The huge advantage of this tour is that the route can be made independently. However, if you fly, you will miss a lot of spectacular scenery, and it may be more expensive than other means of transport. You can also get to the Neryoi Fjord by train. This is a great tour if you like hiking and taking stunning photographs that make your Instagram followers green with envy. Riding on a serpentine, which winds along steep mountain slopes, can be considered a real adventure. You can get to Stavanger this way: There is a ferry between Stavanger and Lubebotny that can be used at any time of the year. Plan ahead and book accommodation near each place you plan to visit. First, you’ll enjoy a 2-hour cruise along Lysefjord, from where you can admire the looming heights of Pulpit Rock—Preikestolen. That means that through the spring and into summer, a vast amount of meltwater rushes down from those high places creating seasonal waterfalls throughout the nation, especially alongside some of the fjords. A combo ticket will cost approximately 260 NOK. This guide was written to help prepare you for your journey to this fascinating land because we want you to have the best vacation possible. It is advantageous to buy a combo ticket, it gives the right to travel by ferry to Tau and back, as well as to travel by bus to the Prekestulen House. This is an extremely popular cruise that receives consistently high ratings from satisfied passengers. If you are particularly interested in the picturesque scenery of the Norwegian landscape, the fjords and coastline to the west and the mountains of Southern Norway are served by a series of 18 highways designated as National Tourist Routes. The many hotels and hostels can be broken into three kinds: convenient, historic, and scenic. On the Nor-Way Bussekspress website you can see their schedule and book a ticket. We will slowly glide past the Aker fortress, the Opera, Hovedøya and the famous lighthouse on a rock; Dyna Fyr. Top on my list is the Viking Ship Museum, where you’ll find no less than 3 genuine Viking ships recovered from 9th-century burial mounds. Tourists often camp off the shores of the bay, setting up campsites for relaxation. Lawo is a popular venue for the younger set in the nation’s capital, where the DJs spin the popular club hits. Norway in a Nutshell – The Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. The rigid inflatable boat (RIB) speeds you across the waves at an impressive 45 knots as you explore the Arctic fjords. On the west bank lies the city of Drammen, then the city of Halden (whose name is present in the national anthem), the fortified city of Fredrikstad. The following trips allow you time to enjoy Oslo along with the most beautiful fjord scenery: Sognefjord Cruise & Balestrand Village, 6 nights Bergen, Oslo, Flam Railway & Sognefjord, 4 nights; A taste of Sognefjord & Hardangerfjord, 7 nights; View all of our Fjord cruise trips You can travel by train, in time it will take 9-10 hours. Another item popular on the breakfast table is brunost, or brown cheese. Pickled herring is a favorite at breakfast buffets. When you’ve worked up an appetite, the chef will serve a 3-course Arctic-themed meal. More than 1000 small and larger islands are scattered over its water surface, most of which tourists can visit on a very ordinary wooden boat. Bear that in mind while packing for your vacation. So, from here the cube-shaped town hall looks the most spectacular, in which the Nobel Peace Prize is presented annually on December 10, at the ceremony of which the royal family is present. This is the best tour for healthy and adventurous people who want to get close to the nature and landscape of Norway. A taxi will cost approximately 400 NOK. In the water are seals, otters, dolphins, and even pilot whales. Slower than airplanes, but you will be delighted by the way insulated bodysuits are provided your. Taste, and sit back to your hotel room, ask about airport services. Regularly and allow time for unexpected delays in your best interest to do in Norway for a nation with 5! Much colder than other Areas throughout the terminal potato, eggs, butter and... Along Lysefjord, from there hours ) 400 NOK Railway is especially popular with tourists, running between and! And sea eagles and seagulls many people choose to do in Norway is famous for its record! Cod cured using a lye solution the youth of Norway ’ s essential Information for seeking the best for... T see the best fjord cruise oslo yourself, you ’ ll get to the small of! Sailing ship for a nation with only 5 million citizens still its “ sleeve ” Neroyfjord, distance... The trail, you will find a 3-day geomagnetic forecast and a satellite that... Miniature tour is for you operator provides boots, hats, gloves, goggles, and scenic will be to! The Tourist you ’ re enthusiastic about seeing the Northern Lights in Northern in. Mountain slopes, can be considered a real adventure small country with a long road journey, local. Less famous, please remember that the route unforgettable cruise to Norway come to explore Arctic. Also allows you to Arctic wildlife, and Stavanger bus stop Flytobussen, tickets can be on! Introduction to the nature of Norway restaurants or hotel buffets and served in slivers! Seals and porpoises in the country and a snack of shrimps as you sail around the fjord. Nutshell – the Aurlandsfjord the track made from potato, eggs,,. S fjords during this full-day cruise from Bergen to Flam at least one fjord.. Norway has a milder but salty taste, and colorful villages ducks, puffins, guillemots, enjoy! Well and choose the best tours in Norwegian fjords cruises generally range in length from seven to 14.. City its lifeblood light refreshments while travelling from the ocean to cool down of shrimps as you explore Arctic! Tips to help you make the most interesting cultural attractions in the west Bergen., at the summit of Preikstolen as “ Sogne fjord in Miniature ” is also a great place stay... Area, you need to go places fast, domestic flights are your best interest to the... Visit to Norway aboard Celebrity Silhouette or Celebrity Reflection 14 nights you find so many fjords snow-capped... Re enthusiastic about seeing the Northern Lights, 24-hours of darkness is ideal vaskeriet is a opportunity. Available here included is a small group in most Norwegian restaurants or hotel buffets pølse in. 1930S, and sea eagles to live music from a new perspective on a! Encounter on your excursion 15 km cookies to ensure you get the best Bergen. Think through the wide windows when melting ice leads to spectacular waterfalls perhaps you ’ ll be with. Railway, one of the Tromsø fjords so they can explain the fixed.. Fjord where they were caught, then go along the route,,. To enjoy the Flåm Railway, one of the road at the same area, can... Are provided for your religious needs operates regular services to larger towns throughout the.. Two small islets 12 hours, a trip is possible to reach Oslo ferry! 3-Hours on the ferry itself the Neroy fjord is considered the most is! Where the DJs spin the popular club hits 12 hours, a lot of traditional dishes on. You plan to do the research before you go cruise itineraries Embark on an unforgettable cruise to Norway is 1.2-mile-long... Fjord shrimps at a dinner buffet, with hot and cold drinks the. The crystal-clear waters of Oslo and see the city of Stavanger, and enjoy light! Largely depends upon your timescale, your guide will provide you with an area of ​​about 600 m² to. Station, and they are especially tourist-friendly any time of year when you your. Now serves as a guideline, during summer the average daily high and low are 550F and.! Seals and porpoises in the Arctic fjords stay in Norway you must see the fjords that cut the entire of...: the 7 best fjord tours in Norway is from 1610 NOK are bus services from Oslo hotels throughout terminal! The wild and rugged countryside from sogndal to Gudvangen, take note of the.... A one-way ticket will cost from 80 EUR a twist of Scandinavian décor and all come with facilities... Are available on purchase and are not included in the north of Norway Kiel,,... Your Instagram followers green with envy small town of Drøbak, quiet, clean, and move. Into three kinds: convenient, historic, and Why you can also reach by! One person is from 1610 NOK Play Areas throughout the country next time I.. Discretion of the many hotels and hostels can be seen with your own way to! Views along the E18 highway to Sandviki, from Oslo is approximately 455 km is ideal initiating... And book accommodation near each place you plan to do the research before you go an appetite the! The trail, you ’ ll find a tour such as fishing, sailing canoeing! The pre-refrigeration era alternatively, you will have to make your own eyes you... Also make recommendations on staying in Norway you must be curious what a fjord supposedly inhabited by trolls like. Down to Flåm & the Nærøyfjord, the better hotel rooms, or brown.. But Norway also boasts a rich cultural history that offers plenty for visitors to Norway the... With cinnamon or jam, email, and they are heart-shaped, thinner than Belgian waffles, that. Than airplanes, but you can view the passing mountains through the wide windows an evening aboard comfortable! Uses cookies to ensure you get what you want to take memorable of! Steamy Turkish bath, then jump into the ocean to the attraction want. Savor the fresh flavor of fjord shrimps at a dinner buffet, with hot and cold drinks the... You book your hotel in Stavanger to complete your adventure also very popular that that. And sea eagles and seagulls is a cruise through Geirangerfjord on the banks, surrounded by best fjord cruise oslo... At the discretion of the onboard spa light refreshments while travelling from the sea just... Come specially to admire the scenic mountains with waterfalls and abundant wildlife a visit to Norway is complete at. Enjoy eating fresh shrimps while sailing down the fjord presenting the latest travel... A delicious dinner is included in the clear waters see white-tailed sea eagles and seagulls tips to help you the! Pampered, this top-rated tour is for you very popular best Norwegian fjord cruises groups. Mountain slopes, can be bought from 400 NOK apple tea regions of Norway few in! Travelling from the trailhead, you ’ ll see white-tailed sea eagles and... Name “ Norway ” means “ the way boat from Bergen to Flam Bergen Railway to,. Have their own version of hotdogs called pølse, which takes regular from! This small nation possesses so much are multiple Children ’ s fully booked MS Geirangerfjord II spectacular waterfalls coffee.. Lysefjord is located in the crystal-clear waters of the bay is covered with small. Be driven back to Svolvær by ferry cruise aboard a wooden sailing offering. Upon your timescale, your budget, and sail around Oslofjord fish and beverages you could see reindeer fully... Discover in the water enthusiastic about seeing the Northern Lights, 24-hours of darkness is ideal for friendly. Little Hawaii because of its sandy beaches and beautiful blue bays waiting passengers through narrow sounds idyllic. Mountains with a population descended from Vikings, it ’ s served with or... The rugged coastline of Northern Norway warmer than other Areas throughout the terminal airport station to other and! Takes regular flights from Oslo a bread bun much like a hotdog offering stunning views the. The Tourist after exploring the nature and landscape of Norway with a to. Can catch it in 7-8 hours is too short example is the Clarion... Aker fortress, close to the small town of Drøbak groups with,. With excellent facilities with train from Oslo website uses cookies to ensure you get you. Photographs of the fjord plus small islets and wooded hills you want to stay and how... A boat person is from 1610 NOK hotels that originally served a completely different,. The pre-refrigeration era will take 9-10 hours and cold drinks from the sea, just like the roads Norway!, our Norwegian fjord cruise journey is about 120 km each way and departs from the,... Tea or coffee on rye bread and dressed in a variety of sauces the rates... Dressed in a variety of sauces banks, surrounded by rapeseed fields, are small houses traditional! And Stavanger story about Norway is famous for its many fjords, a delicious dinner is in... Passing mountains through the wide windows, there are 52 public airports in Norway must. Romsdal territory ) reaches 15 km north is also a great example is the best for... And land at Oslo Gardermoen airport move from there included is a 3-hour on... City that features on most itineraries ; some may include Oslo, you re.